Coppins Bridge Roundabout, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Coppins Bridge Roundabout in Newport on the Isle of Wight is the main traffic hub on the Island. The roundabout is traffic light controlled and lane marked to assist in your approach and exit.

Coppins Bridge, is the main Roundabout on the Isle of Wight. It takes all main routes from the directions of Ryde, Sandown, Cowes and Newport Town and allows the easy transition to your destination. This is one of the many reasons that the traffic flow is heavier than other roundabouts in the area.

With heavy traffic flow at peak times, brings potential hazards so good use of mirrors is essential when changing lanes. There are also box yellow grids throughout the roundabout. Remember you must not enter a box yellow junction unless your exit is clear. This requires the driver to have good anticipation skills at working out the volume of traffic. Please be aware that it is an endorsable offence to block the box yellow junctions which is a fine and points on your licence.

On both sides of the roundabout are located pedestrian crossings which also halt the flow of traffic. This is one reason for drivers to block the box yellow junctions on may occasions as they have not anticipated this well.

For the best way to navigate the roundabout ask your Instructor for personal advice but why not look at the image of Coppins Bridge to see if you can work your way through it safely.

Coppins Bridge

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