Terms & Conditions for Regular Driving Lesson

I.O.W Driving Academy referred too as IOWDA

1 – IOWDA will provide a fully Insured and a Dual controlled car for driving lessons.
2 – IOWDA provide fully qualified DVSA Instructors who have been CRB checked and follow the Code of Practice set by the DVSA.
3 – The student certifies that a valid appropriate licence is held to drive the relevant tuition vehicle. Pupils are required to inform their Instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their licence during their training.
4 – In the event of a mechanical breakdown or other difficulty outside the control of the Instructor, the Instructor reserves the right to rearrange lessons at short notice.
5 – IOWDA requires a minimum cancellation period of 48 hours notice to be given by the student if they need to cancel or rearrange their lesson. Any cancellation or rearrangement within this period will result in a full charge for the duration of that lesson. If students have pre paid in bulk then the lessons will be taken from their total / if the student pays as they go then the total will be added on to the students next lesson.
6 – PAYMENTS – Students are required to have sufficient funds prior to starting their agreed lesson. If for any reason a student needs to go to a cashpoint to get the funds you are required to inform your Instructor at the start of your lesson as this will need to be factored in to your lesson time. If you cannot afford to pay for your lesson you must inform your Instructor prior to your lesson. Not being able to afford your lesson is not a valid reason to cancel within the 48 hr period as you will still get charged the following week. Cheques are no longer accepted.

 7 – PROMOTIONAL OFFERS – If a student or third party purchases any promotional offer run by the IOWDA then after purchase there are no refunds given. Once lessons are booked and agreed by both student and Instructor there are no cancellations permitted within this period. Any cancellations will result in the student forfeiting their lesson. Promotions give heavily discounted prices to students and losses cannot be incurred from cancellations within this period.

8 – EXPIRY PERIOD FOR BULK PURCHASE LESSONS/SPECIAL OFFER PROMOTIONS.  Once a student or third party purchases a promotional offer or bulk buy package ( incl. Intensive courses deposit ) the student must use those hours within 8 months of the original purchase date. All lessons after the maximum period will be lost and not recoverable. This loss will be incurred by the student or their third party.
9 – REFUNDS – If a student requires a refund after purchasing a bulk package of driving lessons ( incl. Intensive Courses ) there will be a £15.00 Admin Fee deducted from the total. The refund total will be calculated with used hours being charged at the normal hourly rate not the discounted rate of the bulk buy package. The reduced hourly rate is based on the hours being fully used and that’s why a discount was applied.
The student should be aware that their Instructors primary objective is to promote Road Safety and in doing so they may take control of the tuition vehicle at times. The Instructor will endeavour to instruct the student to the highest standard but in no way can be held liable for any errors that the student may make during a driving test when not supervised by the Instructor.

11- IOWDA reserves the right to immediately stop and cancel a students lesson if the Instructor in their professional opinion deems the student to be under the influence of either Alcohol or Drugs. The student will still be charged for the full amount of the lesson as it is the students responsibility to turn up for the lesson fit and proper. The IOWDA stands by the decision of its Instructor.

11a – Abusive Behaviour – The IOWDA will not accept any verbal or physical abuse ( either in person by phone, text or Social Media ) aimed at any of their Instructors. If this happens the Instructor will terminate the lesson immediately and the student will forfeit the lesson fee or subsequently be charged for that lesson. The actions of the student may also be reported to the Police. The IOWDA will stand 100% behind their Instructor.
12 – Driving tests may only be arranged with the prior agreement of both Instructor and student.
12a – The Instructor reserves the right to with hold their tuition vehicle for the purpose of the driving test if in their professional opinion the student is demonstrating unsafe levels of driving prior to the driving test.

12b – Use of Tuition Vehicle for Driving Tests – The I.O.W Driving Academy will provide a fully Insured and appropriate vehicle for all students taking their driving test ( as long as they reach a required standard as per 12 )  If in the event of any collision which occurs during the students driving test, the student will be responsible for paying the excess on the Instructors Insurance which amounts to 500 GBP. If upon further investigation the collision is deemed not the fault of the student that 500 GBP will be refunded to them. If in the case the collision is deemed their fault the 500 GBP will not be refunded. The outstanding damage cost will be met by the Instructors Insurance.