1st Time Test Pass in only 15 days.

Victoria completed one of our Intensive Courses which on average have over an 86% 1st time pass rate!

CONGRATULATIONS to Victoria Taylor on passing her driving test today, Weds 8th May 2019 at her 1st attempt with ONLY 5 driving faults.
1st Time Test Pass in only 15 days

1st Time Test Pass in only 15 days

Victoria passed today after completing one of our Individually tailored intensive driving courses. These courses have an extremely high 1st time pass rate and are delivered by experienced driving instructors.

The I.O.W Driving Academy is very proud of the quality of tuition delivered by its highly qualified driving instructors. Intensive courses are aimed at students who need to get their driving licence in a shorter time period. The lessons are structured in a way that gets the best from the student with maximum learning potential.

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