COVID-19 Driving Lessons update.

The IOWDA hope that all of our students, families and friends are staying safe at this horrendous time. After 5 weeks of lockdown we wanted to keep you all updated as to theory tests, practical driving tests and your driving lessons.

Car theory test – The proposed changes to the theory test will no longer be introduced in April 2020. This is due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Theory tests are still suspended and the last Official blog from the DVSA states that they are still suspended until 8th May 2020. This may still change, so keep up to date with us here at the IOWDA.

A theory testing service will still be available to those who have critical need to take a test, such as front line NHS Staff and Carers.

Car Practical test – Firstly, there is no Official date that practical driving tests will definitely resume. Student’s who have had their tests cancelled have had rearranged dates to July 2020 by the DVSA. We are all hopeful that these dates will go ahead but stay updated with our website. We will inform you as soon as we know.

The DVSA is only running tests and lessons from Instructors for Key Workers. You have to register at GOV.UK to apply.

Driving Lessons – Paul, Nick & Clive are all hoping that you have stayed safe including your family and friends. We as an Academy have always put our students and their families safety first and that was why we decided collectively to stop lessons before the lockdown was imposed.

Here at the IOWDA we want to assure you that we continue to have the exact same ethos. We are continually monitoring updates from Government and the DVSA to know when lessons may restart but as of present until the lockdown is eased, we are unable to teach.

Students who had tests booked imminently will be contacted first and their lessons will be prioritised, as will students who need  their licence for their work. We are here for you all so if you have any questions please contact your Instructor who can update you.

As a team here at the IOWDA, we are so looking forward to getting you all back on the road. We are proud of the integrity of our Instructors and their professionalism. We will be at the forefront of any safety requirements for in car tuition.


Safe Driving is No Accident

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COVID-19 Driving Lessons update

COVID-19 Driving Lessons update