RECORD BREAKING FINES & DISQUALIFICATIONS Issued to drivers for increased use of mobile phones whilst driving!!
According to new figures from the Home Office, there have been record-breaking fines for the number of drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving has dramatically climbed.
In 2022, almost 2.5 million drivers may have been issued a fixed penalty, required to complete a driving awareness course, or sent to court.
Meanwhile, since stricter regulations prohibiting using mobile phones while driving went into effect in March 2022, the number of drivers breaking the law has increased by 93% annually.
Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, said: “Almost 3 million drivers were caught and prosecuted for how they acted on the roads.
“With speeding at a record high, it is a timely reminder that the best regulator of speed is the driver’s right foot.”
He added: “The tightening of the law for using a handheld mobile phone behind the wheel saw a significant increase in drivers being issued fines and points.
“The AA led the campaign to highlight the dangers of picking up the phone while driving, now we need drivers to hang up their handset rather than fiddle with the phone.”
The Home Office data also shows that offences for disobeying traffic signs and pedestrian rights increased by a third from 2021 to 2022 after the Highway Code was revised in January 2022. These modifications included a hierarchy of road users and improved protections for pedestrians.
This comes after recent RAC study revealed that 31% of drivers believe that pedestrians are in significantly more risk at junctions despite the fact that the Highway Code’s modifications were intended to increase safety.
Record breaking fines and disqualifications.

Record breaking fines and disqualifications.