Eddie Rennie writes a review for Clive Lawson (ADI) – I had been wanting to get my drivers licence for a good couple of years, I only owned a motorcycle and would commute in all weathers all through the year!
After noticing that the IOW driving academy had nearly 40 reviews and a solid 5 stars I booked a block of ten hours.
Clive and Lise pulled out all the stops to accommodate me through the learning process, helping me to get the best time slots to practice in, even after taking a nearly 6 week break for financial reasons.
Thanks to their hard work through 22 hours of lessons I passed my driving test first time with only 4 minor faults!
Now I can finally hang up my motorcycle helmet through these cold rainy days, and I don’t think the novelty will wear off any time soon.
Thank you Clive and Lise!

Becky Reid writes a review for Paul Cole (ADI) – I would 100% recommend Paul Cole! Excellent instructor with the patience of a saint! Plenty of times I wanted to give up, but with his help and support I carried on and passed. Paul makes the lessons relaxed and enjoyable and has a brilliant sense of humor! Thank you so much.

Courtney Daly writes a review for Nick Mount (ADI) – I have Nick Mount as my driving instructor.
It has taken me a long time to bite the bullet and start learning to drive but I am so glad I have.
Nick makes me feel very confident and calm in my lessons and they are very much tailored to me, my understanding and methods that work well for me.
I am enjoying my lessons and would recommend to anyone.